About Byte Trading.

We build technology that enables us to run profitable market making strategies.
Currently, we market make in crypto derivatives.

We are delta neutral.

We don't try to predict the markets. We build technology to support sound and efficient markets.

We start with data.

We gather and analyze a vast amount of market and alternative data.

We identify opportunities.

We use data science and advanced statistics to identify sizeable opportunities. And we turn those into strategies.

We deploy capital and manage risk.

We partner up with capital allocators (protocols and funds of funds) and provide them with scalable and profitable strategies.

Risk > Execution > Alpha.

When we launched Byte Trading, we prioritized alpha above all else. As time went by, we quickly re-evaluated that. As without proper execution and risk management, alpha matters very little.

Trading is not magic. It's a lot like plumbing.

We solve small and large inefficiencies that enable a better flow. And we build pipes between centralized and decentralized finance.

Our Team.

Dominik Vacikar, Co-Founder & CEO | Entrepreneur 27U27
Background: Specter, Giant Ventures, Hummingbird Ventures

Jan Hoekman, Co-Founder & CTO
Background: GlassDollar, HousingAnywhere

Henry Barnett, Senior Software Engineer
Background: Jigsaw XYZ, Phi Partners, Commerzbank

Deepak Guneja, Quant Researcher & PM
Background: Orbis Investments, D.E. Shaw, Morgan Stanley

Marco Squarci, CFO | Forbes 30U30
Background: Specter, Dealroom, RVC

João Rodrigues, Quantitative Researcher
Background: Argus Media, Imperial College London

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